You Can Now Buy Ian Callum's Awesome Jaguar Mark 2

Limited Edition

Of course you'll have to cough up the cash first.

There’s no question that Jaguar chief designer Ian Callum has fantastic taste in cars. And damn, does he know how to pen beautiful ones. Recently he rewarded himself with something very special: a . Callum worked directly with Classic Motor Cars Limited (CMC) for over a year to create his dream Jag sedan. Power comes from a 4.3-liter XK engine mated to a five-speed manual gearbox. There’s also a newly upgraded suspension, brakes, and an insanely beautiful interior with red leather.

We should all be jealous of this guy. However, just hours after the Mark 2 was revealed last week, CMC began receiving phone calls from classic Jaguar lovers everywhere. They wanted their own resto-mod Mark 2 and are prepared to pay handsomely. CMC simply couldn’t resist the business and publicity. Therefore, the UK-based firm has just announced that, in agreement with Callum, a limited number of Mark 2 sedans will go into production. No word yet as to how many are planned. So what will they cost? A good prediction is within the range of £350,000 to £375,000. And yes, buyers will be able to pick the exterior and interior colors.

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