Would You Want To Buy A Ferrari That Can Run Silently?


With upcoming hybrid and EV models, it may be a reality.

The Ferrari LaFerrari was famously the only member of the Hypercar Holy Trinity not to have the ability to run on electric power alone. There may have been to allow the car to run silently, but Ferrari always said its customers wouldn't want to drive the car around without the wonderful V12 soundtrack. Ferrari will eventually , which will likely be silent, but plans have been pushed beyond 2022. The bigger question is whether or not the upcoming Ferrari hybrid will be able to run silently this time around.

We've seen Ferrari model with 488 body panels. In the videos, the car appears to be running silently, though we had no way of knowing if this ability would come on a production model. Now, Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne has let it slip that the next Ferrari hybrid will have ability to run on all-electric power. “You could run silently,” Marchionne told . This is a very quick turnaround from the company's stance that customers should always be able to hear the engine. Ferrari seems to be influenced by what the rest of the market is doing - which is probably why the company has caved in to building an SUV model.

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This made us wonder - how would our readers feel about the prospect of a hybrid Ferrari that can run silently? Ferrari cars are meant to be objects of passion that make incredible noises, but if they can be driven silently it may give owners incentive to drive them more. We love a loud exhaust, but there will always come a time when we just want a car to be quiet and comfortable. In our minds, a hybrid Ferrari kind of makes sense, but what do you guys and gals think?