Would A Lexus LC F Be As Awesome As The Iconic Lexus LFA?


The name LC F has just been trademarked. We'll find out soon enough.

At present, there is no direct replacement for the Lexus LFA, that absolutely wonderful and semi-bonkers V10-powered supercar that . The LFA was (and still is) special for a reason, but Lexus has yet to officially declare that a successor is in the works. According to the , however, the Japanese luxury brand has just trademarked the name "LC F" in Europe which unofficially confirms a sportier, and perhaps more powerful, version of the LC grand tourer is on the way.

Offering an LC F makes perfect sense for Lexus as it wants to further expand its F performance lineup, which currently consists of the RC F and GS F. More than likely, the LC F will feature more aggressive styling and improved aerodynamics for an overall more supercar-like look. As to what’ll be under the long hood, a good possibility is a twin-turbo V8 with around 600 hp. Just to compare, the LFA came with a 4.8-liter V10 with 552 ponies. What about the RC F and ? Not likely, as Lexus wants (and probably needs) to deviate towards forced induction for its performance models in order to comply with more rigorous emission standards.

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If all goes to plan, we could be seeing the LC F debut sometime next year, but a concept version could appear at any time. Geneva, perhaps? If so, we'll be seeing it early next month. Stay tuned.



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