Why Does This Baby 6x6 Offroader Feel So Right?


A Suzuki Jimny with three axles? Where do we sign?

The of the left a gaping hole in the industry, much larger than the niche it originally filled. And a number of tuners and rendering artists have vied to occupy that space with their own six-wheeled creations. But this latest one is decidedly smaller.

SRK Designs put out this rendering of a 6x6 based on the – the long-awaited, recently released successor to a much-loved, pint-sized off-roader. SRK even released a video showing how the rendering was created: with much skill, from the look of it.

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At 143.5 inches long, 64.8 inches wide, and 68 inches tall, the Jimny is much smaller than the G-Class Benz on which the discontinued 6x6 was based. About three and a half feet shorter, from nose to tail, to be specific – and over seven feet shorter than the six-wheeled version. This proposed mod-job would close the gap a bit, but even with the same differential(s) applied to the little Suzuki, it still wouldn't come out as big as a standard, four-wheeled G-Wagen – much less conversions like or . And we kinda dig that.

The sad reality, though, is that the Jimny 6x6 exists only in virtual reality, and will . But if we learned anything from our childhood watching the animated refugee mice that were to the Silver Screen what the Jimny is to SUVs, it's that we should "never say never." Not in a day and age when supercar manufacturers are making crossovers, than the GDPs of some small countries, and an online-payment pioneer is .