Well I'll Be Damned; The Ford Ranger Is Returning In 2019


Oh, and a new Bronco, too.

Only yesterday when it opted to kill the Ranger in the US a few years back in favor of the . Why wouldn’t all Ranger owners not want a truck that’s a) out of their budgets and b) too big to fit in their lawnmower and out of season patio furniture-filled garages? Well, they didn’t and GM, Toyota, and now Honda have welcomed them with open arms. Ford has gotten the message and, according to Car and Driver, the Ranger will return to the US sometime in 2019.

And yes, it’ll also likely spawn a new Bronco SUV the following year. As we expected, the new US-spec Ranger will take advantage of the that Ford didn’t think America wanted or needed. Hey, better late than never. As far as engines go, America will most likely get the 3.2-liter five-cylinder diesel that’s currently being offered in the Transit van. An EcoBoost four-pot and a naturally aspirated V6 are also likely. Car and Driver also figures the new Ranger’s base price will start below $25,000 in order to make it a true Chevy Colorado and Toyota Tacoma fighter. Is there any chance Ford could change its mind on this? Not likely, simply because mid-size trucks in general are selling like hotcakes right now.

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