We Really Want The New Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake

Spy Shots

Please, Mercedes, let America have this one.

Even though Mercedes has just revealed the ever,. Mercedes will continue to sell the outgoing CLA with a significant discount while it works on the next-generation model, which is expected to arrive in 2019 as a 2020 model.

From what we've seen, the . It will likely borrow the same 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder producing 221 horsepower from the A-Class and will almost certainly come in .

In addition to the four-door-coupe body style, Mercedes is also developing a replacement for the . When Mercedes announced the discontinuation of the CLS Shooting brake, we feared the CLA Shooting Brake would also be on the chopping block. However, our spy photographers have just captured the first images of the upcoming CLA Shooting Brake testing. As expected, the CLA Shooting Brake looks nearly identical to what we've seen from the standard CLA in the front but replaces the trunk with a hatch.

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Obviously, the shooting brake body style allows for more storage space in the rear. We to a traditional sedan, even a four-door-coupe. Unfortunately, along with the A-Class hatchback, Mercedes has never brought any of its shooting brake models to the US.

Based on Mercedes' product roadmap, the regular CLA will debut in spring 2019 while the Shooting Brake will be revealed in the fall. We can only hope this new CLA Shooting Brake will make its way stateside but if the past is any indication, this beautiful creation will be for Europe only.