Want To Buy A 2,000-HP Trion Nemesis? This Is How Much It’ll Cost You


Two thousand horsepower doesn’t come cheap.

California based supercar firm Trion has stirred up . Its hypercar, called the Nemesis, will have a 2,000-horsepower engine and amazing looks as well. Is it actually going to reach production? We think yes. Official pricing and estimated specifications are out if you want to pre-order one of these beasts. The first edition released, the Nemesis RR Black Ops, will cost a whopping $1.98 million, however it is an investment too since each purchase comes with shares of the company itself.

The next model, the RR, is identical to the 2,000 horsepower car but costs only $1.6 million. It does not include any stock in the company however, and this model will be released after the $1.98 million version. Is this a clever marketing technique or a desperate plea for funding? Either way, these cars will be quite spectacular. They will have a 0-60 time of 2.8 seconds, which is impressive but not revolutionary. The extra ponies play a part in the top speed, a reported 290-plus mph, which would be truly revolutionary. If 2,000 horsepower is a bit too much for you there will be a 1,400 horsepower version dubbed the GT for a mere $1.2 million. We think you should save your pennies—this beast might be the next big thing.

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