Top 5 Life-Sized LEGO Cars


LEGOs have long been a favorite for kids everywhere and now some are combining them with their passion for cars.

These life-sized LEGO cars prove that building your dream car is the next best thing to owning it. If all of these life-sized LEGO cars are any indication, then we are not far from the day when you can build your own car using a box of toy bricks. While driving a car made solely of LEGOs may not be the smartest idea in the world, checking out all of these amazing life-sized LEGO cars certainly is. It's amazing what can be created from those old LEGO sets.

The LEGOLAND California staff pulled the greatest prank in history when they replaced the Volvo XC60 driven by the park's General Manager with one made out of 201,706 LEGO bricks. The GM's reaction, thankfully captured on video, is priceless.

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The LEGO Ford Explorer was created in partnership with LEGOLAND Florida and is made up of over 380,000 bricks. The LEGO Explorer was created at Ford's Chicago plant and is one of the many sights to see at LEGOLAND Florida's Ford Driving School.

Race fans are going to love the LEGO Ferrari F2008 F1 car. This car was built by a rabid Formula 1 fan who must have really, really wanted to own his own F1 car. $20,000 and 8,000 LEGO bricks this Ferrari super-fan's wish became a reality.

Even though the LEGO Triumph Daytona 1200 isn't exactly a car, it is still undeniably awesome. This killer LEGO bike boasts a highly detailed brick engine and a banana peel paint job. The LEGO Triumph Daytona 1200 can be found at the LEGOLAND in Berkshire, England.

Perhaps the coolest thing about the LEGO BMW X1 is that it was made by children, not nerdy adults. The LEGO BMW X1 was built by 800 children ranging in age from five to 13 and took four days and 165,000 bricks to complete.



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