This Is What The Bugatti Chiron Successor Could Look Like In 2032


If you thought the Bugatti Chiron was extreme, wait until you see what its successor could potentially look like.

The Bugatti Chiron is undoubtedly one of the , a car so ahead of its time that it . Replacing the Veyron before it, the Chiron leaves the competition in the dust thanks to its 1,497-horsepower quad-turbcoharged engine and 261 mph top speed. Eventually it will be replaced, but we may have to wait until 2032 for an eventual Chiron successor according to Bugatti’s CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer.

UK render artist , who has done design work for McLaren and Jaguar, couldn’t wait that long however, and has designed a concept car showing how a future Chiron successor could potentially look. The concept’s dramatic design takes its cues from its predecessor, featuring the same grille and distinctive c-shaped side pillar as the current Chiron. At the rear, the Chiron’s rounded shape has been replaced with a dominating diffuser, exposed springs, and a racing-style vertical stabilizer fin. At the front, Biggins’ Bugatti concept incorporates an extended front splitter beneath the bumper to provide extra stability during the extreme speeds this machine would no doubt be capable of.

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Elsewhere, new headlights have been fitted along with new wheels, and a roof-mounted hood scoop. The front fascia and extended rear is also reminiscent of the introduced in 2015. Suffice to say, it will be a very long time before Bugatti’s next hypercar gets the green light. , and production is expected to last around eight years. Bugatti is then planning to introduce a second model before eventually replacing the Chiron.