This Ferrari Enzo Was Ripped In Half During An Accident, Now It's For Sale


So much for "half price," eh?

Pardon our utter disbelief, but it seems that Ferrari has magical powers and can bring cars. Ok, let us explain. Back in 2006, a Ferrari Enzo was crashed by owner Bo Stefan Eriksson who was racing against a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren on the Pacific Coast Highway. This wasn't your run of the mill accident. The car was actually split into two pieces! Incredibly, the Enzo is that being split in two was not enough to write the car off as totaled. Now it has somehow been fully restored. Is our incredulity starting to make sense?

The car will be auctioned off on February 3 at an upcoming RM Auctions event in Paris, France. Ferrari Technical Assistance Services handled the repairs on the Enzo and even added some modifications. The car was originally painted in the automaker's signature Rosso Corsa Red but has been repainted black with red-trimmed seats. Other additions include a navigation system, a Bose stereo, and back-up camera. The car, which bears the chassis number 135564, has been certified by Ferrari and only has about 1,500 miles on the odometer. Even with the accident on the car's record, it is expected to sell for $1.6 to $2.2 million. No wonder why this car wasn't just written off as totaled!

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