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This Custom Lamborghini Huracan Is The World’s Fastest Camera Car


It's aptly called the Lamborghini “Huracam.”

To capture those fancy high-speed tracking shots of high-performance cars in movies and TV, production companies often modify their camera cars so they can keep up. For the 2014 Need for Speed film, a modified Saleen Mustang and Ferrari 458 Italia were used to film the various race and chase scenes and the result is spectacular, superbly capturing the sense of speed on-screen. For years the Ferrari was hailed as the world’s fastest car, but it’s now been beaten by a Lamborghini Huracan modified by Incline Dynamic Outlet.

The production company has mounted a $600,000 gyro-stabilized camera rig to the $200,000 supercar, which has been aptly named the Lamborghini “Huracam.” It took several months just to develop and fabricate the frame and camera controls—because when you have equipment worth over half a million dollars dangling over the front of a supercar, the platform needs to be as stable as possible when driving at high speed. The gimbal is from a company called Gyro Stabilized Systems, while the camera is reportedly a Red Epic, according to The Drive. Thanks to its V10, 610-hp engine enabling a top speed of 201 mph, the Huracam should be more than capable of capturing spectacular high-speed shots in future movies.

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Zero to 62 mph takes 3.2 seconds in the standard car, but the extra weight added by the cumbersome camera equipment will have no doubt slowed it down. Bugatti also converted a Chiron into an insanely fast camera car, but that was a one-off used to record last year’s top speed run. The Huracam, on the other hand, will presumably be used for future productions, making it the world’s fastest camera car currently in use.


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