This $38 Million Miami Penthouse Comes With A Rolls-Royce And A Lambo


Also included are parking spaces occupied by exotic wheels.

Thinking about picking up a new Lambo or Rolls-Royce? You'll need a good $300k or so to buy each. Or you could just buy this condo and get both thrown in with the purchase price.

It's called the Palazzo del Cielo (Italian for Palace of the Sky), and it's one of the penthouse condos atop the Mansions at Acqualina – a new hyper-luxury residential complex on Sunny Isles Beach just north of Miami. The 47th-floor condo covers 10,000 square feet of marble floors, ceilings as high as 30 feet, a glass-bottom swimming pool, and 3,000 square feet of outdoor terrace space.

It also comes with parking spots, with the cars to fill them: a and a . The Rolls is outfitted in Magma Red with a bespoke tan and black leather interior and open-pore black wood trim. We don't know which version of the Aventador will be parked alongside it, but even a “base” Aventador S coupe costs around $400k. Add to that the Cullinan's $350k base price and you're looking at over $750,000 of machinery that comes with the apartment. But we wouldn't say they come for free: the condo itself is listed for a whopping $38 million.

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And it's not even the most expensive apartment in the complex: prices range from $8.4 million all the way up to $55 million for the even larger, 18,000-square-foot Palazzo di Oro penthouse.

“No luxury collection is truly complete without a Rolls-Royce,” said Martin Fritsches, head of the automaker's American office. “This is especially true at the Acqualina properties, where so many members of our Rolls-Royce family reside.” Beyond the penthouse, the Acqualina fleet encompasses “largest collection of independently owned Rolls-Royce vehicles in the world,” including a red that serves as this complex's “house car.”