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There's Some Very Good News About The Next Nissan Z Car

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About damn time.

While we're still waiting for official word from Nissan regarding the eventual 370Z replacement, the Japanese automaker's chief designer, Mamori Aoki, has just revealed a few inside details. According to Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, who recently spoke with Aoki, the next Z car could end up being less expensive than the 370Z, which carries a base price of $30,000. That's not exactly affordable for many younger buyers, and isn't the Z supposed to be relatively cheap? Just look at the Scion FR-S and its $25k sticker price.

And there's also the new Mazda MX-5 Miata, which goes for about the same. That $5k difference, in other words, makes a difference. "Better affordability could have a positive effect on the Z badge," Aoki stated. "For the successor to the 370Z, Nissan may choose to come up with a cheaper model. "Now the sports car for some people is just too expensive." Nissan, Aoki indicated, wants to "focus more in the future at a younger generation" regarding its entry-level sports car. That said, if the next Z does go down in price, a potentially new sports car, slotted in between the Z and the GT-R, could happen. A three sports car lineup from Nissan? We'd be down for that.

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