The Reliant Regal Is So Ridiculous And It's Perfect For Forza Horizon 3

Video Game

Ideal for Horizon; idiotic for pretty much every other racing game.

Over the years, the Forza titles have featured vehicles you wouldn't necessarily expect to see in a racing game. From Ford Transits to , and to Cadillac limos and even the Terradyne Gurkha from the Fast Five film, it seems everything the 'Most Inapprorpaite Cars For A Racing Game' list had been checked off. That is, until it was revealed by that the Reliant Regal would be featured in the soon-to-be-released Forza Horizon 3.

Our British readers will probably be well aware of the Reliant Regal Supervan (no doubt due to its prominent presence in the 'Only Fools And Horses' sitcom series), but here's a quick run-down for the rest of you who may not be overly familiar with the unusual, mustard yellow vehicle you see in the picture here. Despite being incredibly odd, the Regal has quite a few USPs. The 701cc engine and 981 lbs curb weight made it extremely economical for the time, and its classification by UK motoring authorities as a motorbike instead of an automobile meant it was cheap to tax and you didn't need a car driving license in order to drive one. All of which made it extremely popular, with 100,000 or so examples being produced.

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Not like those snippets of info will make the Supervan a popular vehicle with Horizon 3 players. Even before engine swaps and race-spec turbochargers are thrown into the equation, you can pretty much guarantee that YouTube will be flooded with Forza Horizon 3 videos in just under a month's time of Reliant Regals toppling over left right and center. If that sounds like we're complaining, we'd like to stress that we have no objections to players doing stupid things in equally unusual cars in a video game. In a weird way, being involved in such antics is actually a brilliant fit for the Australian-themed virtual playground that will be Forza Horizon 3, and knowing a Reliant Regal will be included makes us want to play the game even more.



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