The Polestar 1 Will Be Rarer Than The Porsche 911 R

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Luckily, collectors won't be able to flip this one.

Volvo's Polestar performance brand has always been a bit of an afterthought in the world of luxury performance brands. Now, with the Polestar 1, . Volvo is positioning the Polestar brand with hybrid and EV performance vehicles that emit little to no emissions. Right now, that makes Polestar a strong competitor for Tesla and the BMW i sub-brand. Interestingly, the Polestar 1 coupe won't need to be purchased outright. Instead, people can subscribe to the car on a monthly basis.

Porsche will service on its cars, but it's interesting that Volvo isn't pushing people to buy the car outright. Volvo has come out and said that the car will cost . That may sound like a ton of money for a Volvo, but this is a 600-hp sports coupe that we are talking about. According to , the Polestar 1 will be an extremely rare beast. Only 500 units are planned per year, and it will take until 2020 for the company to reach that production level. The reason for the low volume is that the car is extremely difficult to build. The carbon fiber body must be bonded onto the shortened version of the S90 sedan's steel platform.

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This means that Polestar won't be a true threat to brands like Tesla until it like the planned Polestar 2 sedan, Polestar 3 crossover, and Polestar 4 convertible. This may not be good news for Volvo's accountants, but collectors may be happy to hear that the Polestar 1 could be rarer than the 911 R. Hopefully collectors won't take advantage of the car's rarity and try to flip it for a profit.