The Only Ferrari Four-Door Sedan Ever Made Is Now On Sale


For the round sum of $795,000.

There’s only oneof its kind in existence and Hemmings has it for sale. Whatyou’re looking at is Ferrari’s one and only four-door sedan: the Ferrari Pinin. Thisgorgeous sedan made an appearance at the 1980 Turin Motor Show and was styled bythe incredible minds at Carozzeria Pininfarina. No four-door sedanhas ever worn a Ferrari badge, which means this vehicle never went into production. It's aconcept car with only 250 miles on the clock.

The Pinin has a108.7-in wheelbase, which was the same size as the Mercedes-Benz 280 sedan from that era. It offered passengers in the rear an enormous amount of comfort.This specific model sold for $250,000 in 2008 as a rolling chassis but wasfitted with proper running gear sometime afterwards. Originally the Pinin featureda 5.0-liter flat-12, which this one has, along with a running flat-12 as well. While $795,000 isa whole lot of money, there’s nothing like the Pinin in the world and there probablynever will be. Somebody please buy this work of art before Sergio Marchionnedecides to engineer an affordable four-door Ferrari.

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