The Grand Tour's Fourth Episode Will Finally Ditch The Script

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Hopefully this becomes a trend moving forward. But we doubt it.

The Grand Tour Season Two has been a large improvement over the first season. In episode two, Jeremy Clarkson pointed out one of the worst things about , and episode three of the Bugatti Chiron and Kia Stinger. Episode four is just hours away and will offer something that since before the show even started: less scripting. Episode four is titled 'Unscripted' and will show us what the show would look like with no prearranged locations, no set-up stunts, and no planned incidences.

This episode has the potential to be the best the show has ever produced, but we have a feeling that the true meaning of the episode will somehow be lost. We can't wait to see how this episode turns out, but we have a bad feeling that The Grand Tour has missed the point here.

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Without a script, the three hosts show up in very different cars. Jeremy Clarkson shows up in an Audi TT RS, Richard Hammond in an Ariel Nomad, and James May in a Fire Engine. The point is to show us that a script really does make the show better, which is exactly the opposite of what we wanted. We want to see the three hosts show some general chemistry, but if James and Richard's car choices are any indication, the plot of this episode was meant to be silly and prove that an unscripted show can't really work out. The Grand Tour may have missed the point here. What we really wanted less of is silly plot points, which can clearly happen with or without a script. Hopefully this episode's potential won't be squandered.

Of course, the episode will also have a segment of Celebrity Face Off, where Michael Ball will go head to head against Alfie Boe to find the world’s fastest classical singer. Richard Hammond will also review a McLaren 720S, which is a film that we will be anxious to see. We only hope that this won't be the last episode of The Grand Tour that goes off script, because the show has been a bit cliched so far and could really use a dose of spontaneity.