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Tesla Loses Yet Another Senior Executive

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What is going on at Tesla right now?

Things really aren’t looking good behind the closed doors of Tesla right now, with the Model 3’s ongoing production issues causing serious repercussions within the company. In March, two of Teslas most senior financial executives left the company, while its chief sales officer left to become the chief operating officer of Lyft in February. Elon Musk seems to be struggling to keep his senior executives on board, because the head of Tesla’s autopilot tech, Jim Keller, is also now leaving the company.

Keller joined Tesla over two years ago from Advanced Micro Devices and was responsible for both the hardware and software that runs Tesla’s Autopilot autonomous driving technology. He’s now the third Autopilot executive to step down from Tesla in under two years. According to Bloomberg, he will be joining Intel to pursue his passion for microprocessor engineering. “Today is Jim Keller’s last day at Tesla, where he has overseen low-voltage hardware, Autopilot software and infotainment,” the company said in a statement. “Prior to joining Tesla, Jim’s core passion was microprocessor engineering and he’s now joining a company where he’ll be able to once again focus on this exclusively."

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"We appreciate his contributions to Tesla and wish him the best.” According to Bloomberg, Keller’s previous responsibilities at Tesla will now be split. Pete Bannon will oversee the hardware side of the project, while Andrej Karpahty will be responsible for the software. Both have held longstanding senior positions at Tesla. Keller’s departure comes at a time where Tesla’s Autopilot is facing tough scrutiny following a fatal Model X crash last month with the autonomous technology engaged. The spate of employee resignations also coincides with reports criticizing working conditions at the company.

Allegedly, the automaker has been under-reporting work-related injuries, and the situation doesn’t look like it will improve with Tesla planning to run Model 3 production 24/7 to meet ambitious new targets.