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Stunning Ferrari Dino Restomod Comes Packing A F40 Engine

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Don't she purr, though.

You see a lot of Ford Mustang restomods. Toyota FJs too, Broncos, old Jeeps... even Porsche 911s. What you don't see is many restored and modified Ferraris, but that's exactly what's featured on the latest episode of Jay Leno's Garage. It's called the Dino Monza 3.6 Evo, and it's the work of one David Lee – a noted Prancing Horse collector who evidently didn't think the existing Dino had enough power. And looking at his finished product, we can't help but agree.

Lee dropped in the V8 engine from the F40 and mounted it transversely. Not only that, but he had it bored out from 2.9 liters to 3.6. That gives his Monza over 400 horsepower, or about triple what the 206 GT's 2.0-liter V6 produced as standard from the factory.

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Even the later 246 that followed only had 195 hp (175 in detuned American spec). So Lee's Monza is clearly in another league. While he was at it, Lee had his craftsmen in the UK flared the fenders, covered the headlamps, and carried out a number of other subtle modifications that make one of Ferrari's mid-engined sports cars even better than when it left the factory some 40 years ago. Best of all, he'll build one for you, too. Lee and his associates will only make 50 of them, though. And you can bet they'll each command a rather princely sum, even by Ferrari standards.




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