Startech Jaguar XJ is the Baller-Status iBusiness


“I don’t care who you is, miss, you can get the (i)business” – Lil’ Wayne

Brabus' tuning compadres Startech is building on their German cousin's aftermarket program for vehicles in terms of i-connectability and business credentials. Basically, Brabus is to Mercedes-Benz as Startech is to Jaguar Land Rover. The latter's latest creation, the Jaguar XJ aftermarket program, involves aerodynamic lines and some slick upgrades on the interior perfect for the modern-day businessman.

Starting on the interior, Startech is offering plenty of color choices to go with a superfluous amount of leather on the heated-seats and the center console. A polished wood trim adds to the elegance of the model's interior greatly. Individual rear passenger lights and footwell lights give the XJ some added luxury, along with a new multimedia system which allows connectivity to an iPad and the internet. Apple Bluetooth keyboards can be used to work on the net and they sit on a pair of electric tables. The exterior features LED daytime running lights fitted on a front-end attachment which goes over the XJ's production bumper.

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The aggressive front-end is aerodynamic, along with a rear-end complete with a lip spoiler and stainless-steel mufflers. Air gills are located on the sides along with protruding wheel arches. It sits on a truly-ballin' set of 21-inch 3-piece Monostar J Diamond Edition wheels. Startech's Jaguar XJ prices at an additional £8,000, however with optional leather floor mats, aluminum pedals and stainless-steel scuff plates, that number can quickly rise.


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