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Start Your Day With A New Chevy C8 Corvette Leaked Image

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Is it July 18 yet?

Chevrolet is about to change Corvette history forever. This will specifically happen next Thursday, July 18 when the all-new C8 Corvette is officially unveiled. We all know the historical significance of this, aside from the fact a new generation Corvette will arrive. The ultimate question is whether switching from a front-engine to a mid-engine design will give the Corvette the necessary jolt it needs to remain relevant in an increasingly competitive high-end sports car world?

The answers to that are coming very soon, but we remain hopeful. And as we predicted, there is yet another leaked C8 image online, only this time it came from a YouTube channel. Street Speed 717 claims this blurry image you're looking is the real deal.

The image is shown at the 6:48-minute mark in the video below, but we've also included a screenshot. So is the new C8 Corvette? Street Speed 717 says he cropped the image from its original background in order to conceal its true location. Even the car's occupants appear to have been photoshopped out. However, past rendered images, which were based on spy shots and Chevy's own thinly disguised C8 pre-production prototypes, appear to closely resemble this latest leaked shot. But here's the thing: we have no clue who Street Speed 717 is or where he obtained this image. He does state plans to buy a C8 but that's hardly enough to go on.

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For all we know, this leaked image could have been doctored entirely in Photoshop, purposely made to look blurry. So, can we officially say 'this is the C8 before you're supposed to see it?' Not quite yet. The previously leaked image of the C8's rear end, however, looks far more legit simply because it's not nearly as a blurry and appears to have been taken on the production line. Chances are more leaked shots will happen between now and next Thursday so be on the lookout.