Someone Stuffed A Hellcat Engine Into A Ram And It Looks Fantastic


We guess this person got tired of waiting for FCA to do it.

Ever since the introduction of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, people have been wondering . So far only the Charger has been given the Hellcat treatment, but with this engine sooner than later. Jeep also came out with a concept Wrangler packing the engine, but so far FCA hasn't announced any intention to make more Hellcat models. One Dodge owner was obviously tired of waiting and took matters and decided to do something about it.

The photos show a Dodge Ram 1500 which was been engined-swapped with a Hellcat engine. This red "Ramcat" has a few Hellcat decals and badges to show off its new power plant. The project was taken on and completed by the folks at Midland Chrysler in Ontario, Canada, at the request of a customer. The 6.2-liter Hellcat engine was a crate motor and the old 5.7-liter V8 from the Ram will likely be reused for an awesome Wrangler project. The "Ramcat" still uses the standard eight-speed automatic, but the drivetrain will soon be upgraded. We are amazed that a dealership did this for customer and we think they deserve a lot of credit for building such an astonishing creation.

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