Prior Design Updates the Mercedes CL Black Edition


The CL Coupe has been given an updated look thanks to Rotiform Wheels.

German tuning outfit Prior Design has a knack for Mercedes-Benz aftermarket programs. Their take on the CL Coupe Black Edition, however, has been received with mixed reviews but a new set of Rotiform wheels surely adds to the questionable coupe's allure. Prior Design's aerodynamic wide bodykit for the big CL Coupe features plenty of upgrades all made out of lightweight, flexible and ultra-stable Dura-Flex Fiber Reinforced Plastic.

It includes Black Edition parts like a front bumper with lip spoiler, side skirts, rear bumper and integrated diffuser, front and rear fenders and widenings, lightweight hood, mesh grille inserts and a rear trunk spoiler. Rotiform, located near Long Beach, California, has added their expertise in the form of a set of 3-piece aluminum SNA wheels. Available in sizes ranging from 18- to 24-inches, the new wheels start pricing at a hefty $1,250 per wheel. Prior Design's widebody aero kit for the Mercedes-Benz CL Coupe Black Edition prices at €12,900. According to today's conversion rate that equates to about $16,000. For the complete conversion seen in these photos, you can expect to pay over $21,000. Is it worth it?

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