Our Spies Snapped The New BMW Z4 Inside And Out

Spy Shots

Looks like the next-gen Z4 will get BMW’s new digital instrument cluster previewed this week.

Our spies recently caught the reborn Toyota Supra undergoing testing at the Nurburgring and took the opportunity to for our viewing pleasure, so it was only a matter of time before the platform-sharing BMW Z4 received the same treatment. We’ve , but this latest batch of spy shots gives us a much clearer look at the interior with far less camouflage than before.

From the revealing photos, we can see the third-generation Z4 has been equipped with an all-new digital instrument cluster, which was . The car wasn’t turned on unfortunately, so the instrument cluster wasn’t fully functional, but the large central screen will display information such as navigation data in the final production model. There’s also a new infotainment system powered by BMW’s new Operating System 7.0, said to be more intuitive with a clearer layout. The system is also fully customizable, providing up to 10 adjustable pages.

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Each page can display between two and four widgets containing information such as navigation instructions, climate settings, and phone connectivity. BMW says it will display relevant information at the right time, such as a parking map when the driver approaches a destination. Whether these features will be offered in the Z4 as standard remains to be seen, but we expect they will be exclusive to higher-end models. Compared to the Supra, the Z4’s interior has a different center console, switchgear, and steering wheel design, so it’s reassuring to know the two sports cars won’t be too similar inside.

As for the exterior, there aren’t any huge surprises on display, but the prototype was spotted with the roof down this time. There is even less camouflage disguising the details this time too, giving us a clearer look at the front bumper, grille and inlets, while the design of the headlights and taillights look a lot like those of the concept. Rumors suggest the new BMW Z4 will debut this summer, followed by the Supra in October at the Paris Auto Show.



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