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New Mercedes-Maybach G-Class Could Shake Up The Luxury SUV Segment


A more powerful Mercedes-AMG G63 S is also being considered.

The 2018 Mercedes G-Class marked a new era for the granddaddy of SUVs. It may look largely similar to the original 1970s model, but it rides on an new and improved platform. And according to Auto Express, that platform could be utilized to expand the G-Class range with a faster G63 S and, get this, a luxurious Maybach model. AMG’s 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 in the new G63 generates a monumental 577 horsepower and a monumental 626 lb-ft of torque.

That’s more than enough power for the average consumer, but a more potent S version is already being considered. Product chief Dr Gunnar Guthenke revealed that the improved chassis could potentially cope with more power. “Previously, you’d never have had the steering and dynamics for an S,” he said. “I am so excited about future modifications.” AMG S models like the C63 S and E63 S typically have around 30-40 more horsepower than the standard car, so the G63 S could potentially pack over 600 horsepower. Despite the trend for downsizing, a V6-powered AMG G 43 is looking less likely. “Our customers love the V8,” Guthenke said.

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A high-end Maybach version of the G-Wagen could also be in the cards according to Guthenke. “We have had Maybach with Landaulet,” he said. “We want to nurture this tradition.” If the model does get the green light, it won’t be the first Maybach version of the G-Glass. Towards the end of the previous-generation model’s life cycle, we were introduced to the obscenely opulent, open-top Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet. Given the current demand for high-performance luxury SUVs, a more refined Maybach G-Class would no doubt be a huge seller.


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