New Ford Ranger Set To Make European Jaws Drop

Where's ours?

Europe is in for a treat this year, as soon floating to its shores will be the new Ford Ranger. When the Ranger first sailed to Europe in 2011 it sold rapidly and in 2015 it was the number one selling pickup truck in Europe, with over 27,000 vehicles sold. That’s an increase from the year before of 27 percent. It won’t be the same song and dance this time around, though. , the Ranger comes packed with new technology and design. Selling a vehicle in Europe certainly makes for more interesting power delivery setups as well.

The new Ranger will come with some engine options, including a 2.2-liter diesel inline-four or 3.2-liter inline-five diesel engine, both fitted with a turbo. Accompanied with the engine will be optional all-wheel drive and an automatic or manual gearbox. The Ranger will also come with some new advanced off-roading assist technology. It’s going to have hill launch assist, descent control, a self-adjusting traction control system that will change according to how much load the truck has, and something that sounds very dangerous which is a brake assist that will apply more brake pressure when the truck sees fit. Ideally it will only kick in with emergency situations where the driver presumably applies the brakes quickly.

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The thing looks beastly and tough, which is what you’ll want in a truck. More or less it closely resembles a smaller version of the F-150. This seems more like a spritely, fun pickup rather than a vehicle centered solely on utility, which is fine. In fact, Ford Europe might consider calling it the Compact F-150 in the future.



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