Misha Design Reveals Ferrari 488 GTB That’s All For Show


It's already got plenty of go.

When Ferrari reveals , we expect to see more power, less weight and a glut of aerodynamic improvements. The extreme 488 should arrive sometime next year. In the meantime, tuning houses aim to lure buyers wanting something more unique than a bog standard 488 with aftermarket kits, such as this latest offering from Misha Design, which has earned itself a reputation for .

Following its widebody kit for the 458 Italia and an , the California-based tuner has revealed its “regular” body kit for the Ferrari 488. Using a Fusion Luxury Motors 488 GTB as its base, Misha Design added new bumpers, a bespoke hood, side skirts, side air intake and a rear wing spoiler. All parts are made of carbon fiber, and can be ordered exposed (as shown) or non-exposed. They can be mounted directly to the original factory mounting points without having to make any modifications to the supercar. Which makes things a whole lot easier when it comes to selling the car.

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To complement the new kit, Misha added a set of 20-inch Savini BM15 concave alloys and tasked ImpressiveWrap to wrap the car in Satin Supercandy Silver. A limited edition widebody kit is currently in the works and will be rolled out next month.