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Mighty Car Mods Has Built The Subaru Ute Of Our Dreams

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This ultimate build off with Roadkill ended up with some awesome results.

Fans of the Motor Trend show Roadkill will need no introduction here. For those those who have never seen it, it is basically a show about two guys, David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan, who build crazy custom cars out of old junkers with almost no budget. The show has built many awesome cars, and wanted to team up with Mighty Car Mods (basically the show's Australian counterpart) to do a build-off episode. The MCM guys, Blair Joscelyne and Martin Mulholland, traveled to America in an awesome episode where the two shows build each other a car.

Since this special episode was filmed by two different YouTube channels, there are two videos to show for each build. The Roadkill team decides to build a 1969 Chevy Impala. This video also shows the competition with the car that Mighty Car Mods built.

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The Mighty Car Mods team decided to build something that we have always wanted to see: a Subaru ute. MCM took a Subaru WRX Bugeye Wagon and turned it into, well, a ute. We said that Subaru should bring back the old Brat by turning one of its models into a ute, and now we finally have a chance to see what that could be like.



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