Mercedes-AMG Project One Produces More Downforce Than Any Road Car


And that’s without the use of a fixed rear wing.

It’s been some time since we've had any news to share about the Mercedes-AMG Project One after it . McLaren subsequently , and now AMG boss Tobias Moers has revealed new info about the Project One hypercar to . According to Moers, the Project One will generate around 675 kg of aerodynamic downforce – despite not having a huge fixed rear wing like the Senna.

Downforce generated will be “approximately half the weight of the car.” Moers also confirmed that the Project One will weigh between 1300 kg and 1400 kg, contrary to reports that the hypercar weighs 1200 kg. This would indicate that the car will likely produce around 675 kg of downforce, meaning it will generate more downforce than any road car before it according to . Admittedly, this could change if the Senna arrives before the Project One since McLaren claims the 789-hp hypercar generates 800 kg of downforce. But let’s face it, the Project One is a much sleeker-looking road car and has a far less prominent active rear spoiler.

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The Senna weighs just 1,198 kg and produces that level of downforce at 155 mph, but it isn’t known what speed the Project One achieves its quoted downforce figure. Like the Senna and Ford GT, the Project One can be lowered for track driving to increase the downforce generated under it. As for that 1000 hp output quoted when the Project One was revealed at Frankfurt, that figure is only what the dyno numbers were showing. Its actual output produced by its 1.6-liter V6 hybrid engine and four electric motors will have “plus, plus, plus” more than 1000 hp, but won’t surpass 1100 hp according to the AMG boss.

Despite the Project One costing approximately $3.3 million, AMG has had no problem selling all 275 cars planned for production and received 1,100 requests from “credible customers.”


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