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Lexus LF-1 Concept Can Pull Off Neat Lighting Trick Using Fancy Headlights


How Japanese of Lexus.

We’re still waiting on the Detroit Auto Show to come around so that we can see the concept Lexus has in store for us. Yeah yeah, we know the LC500 is the new kid on the block and effectively stands in as the brand’s flagship vehicle, but it’s not the car that’s going to earn Lexus a spot at the top of the luxury automakers. Pitch it into competitions with the Aston Martin DB11 all you want, but the real winner—at least at this point in human history—will always be the crossover.

We know the purveyor of magic carpet-smooth Japanese luxury has one cooking because we saw it a couple weeks back when Lexus decided to show off its sexy rear end and leave us wondering what the LF-1 Concept will look like when the wraps come off. This time, Lexus gives us another peep of skin from underneath the veil by showing off the crossover's headlights. It might not sound like a huge deal, but the complicated pattern the lights show off gives us a pretty good idea of where Lexus is heading, not only with the LF-1 Concept, but with the look of its entire brand. Suffice it to say, if you weren’t a fan of the sharp lines and extreme alien-like angles before, you certainly won’t be happy now.

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Aside from an illuminated Lexus badge, each headlight seems to be made up of seven or eight (depending on how much you zoom in) lines of light, that give the front end the duality of a purposeful look and the composure of a skirt on the fenders to frame it all—much like the curved lights Toyota puts on the fender of a Prius. The rear end remains distinctly Lexus thanks to a raked rear window, beefy C-pillars, and a continuation of those sharp angles and lines albeit with a more smoothed look, stretched taillights, and a split center taillight for extra subversiveness. Whether or not the LF-1 Concept makes it to production, expect those styling elements to materialize in the next generation of Lexus SUVs.

For now, you can at least feast your eyes on the lighting trick this Lexus pulls off while trying to guess if it’s a midrange, high-end, or entry-level crossover that you can afford.



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