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Lancia Will Be Done For By 2018


Even rebadging them as Chryslers has failed.

Lancia was once a great Italian brand. Names like Stratos and Fulvia immediately come to mind. Sadly that’s all in the past and Lancia’s future isn’t looking too bright. As we all know, Lancia is a part of Fiat-Chrysler. A few years back, CEO Sergio Marchionne figured that rebadging Chrysler models like the 300, previous-gen 200, and even the Town & Country as Lancias in certain parts of Europe was the answer. It wasn’t.

Lancia sales have been pretty bad and Marchionne has now confirmed that the Chrysler-Lancia rebadge project is finished. Even the Lancia Delta is on its way out. Only the Ypsilon supermini will remain, and it’s only going to be sold in Italy. By 2018, however, the Ypsilon will have reached the end of its product cycle, and there are currently zero plans for a replacement. It’ll officially be the end of Lancia. Last March at Geneva, Marchionne made his plans quite clear: “We have curtailed our ambitions for Lancia. The market has moved on and not every opportunity can be realized.” Truly a sad way to end such a legendary brand.

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