Khalid Creates Crazy BMW i8 Art Car

Art Car

In fact, the R&B star created an entire fleet of the sports car.

BMW has a long history of creating (or commissioning) . Heck, it practically invented the concept in the first place, back in 1975. It usually charges painters and designers to explore their creativity on its vehicles to serve as their canvas, but this time it's invited another kind of artist to design their latest.

The Bavarian automaker collaborated with R&B superstar Khalid to create not just one, but an entire fleet of vehicles to ferry celebrities around at this year's – all of them based on .

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Drawing its design from the cover of his new album "Free Spirit,” the special livery features flames and the image of a wolf. Though not billed strictly as an official art car, it certainly fits the bill.

"I love road-tripping, hopping in my car and driving back home to El Paso is 12 hours each way from LA,” said Khalid. "To me, BMW, especially BMW i8, is the embodiment of freedom on the road. I really feel like a free spirit when I’m driving and listening to music. I love making music that you can crank up and drive to with the windows down.”

Though Garage Italia Customs was commissioned to a couple of years ago, BMW i vehicles have never served as the canvas for an official art car project, which have recently focused on race cars like the M3 GT2 (by Jeff Koons), , and M6 GT3 (by Cao Fei).

It's been two years since that last one was unveiled, so we'd say it's about time for another. And when it comes, don't be surprised to see its powertrain as electrified as its design is electrifying.