Jeremy Clarkson Has An Ingenious Replacement For Celebrity Brain Crash

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The second season of The Grand Tour won't feature one of our least favorite segments.

The second season of Amazon's The Grand Tour will . We have been eagerly awaiting the start of the new season so that we can see what changes have been . We have already learned that the show will no longer travel around the world, and will instead be filmed from one location. We also found out that the show's , Mike Skinner, would not be returning for Season Two. The American was one of our along with Celebrity Brain Crash.

Celebrity Brain Crash became an annoying segment, week after week, where a supposed celebrity guest would "die" before coming on for an interview. It seems that Amazon has rethought this segment and will replace it with something new.

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In a hilarious promo video, we see Jeremy Clarkson pitch his proposed replacement for the Celebrity Brain Crash bit, the Half-a Romeo. Basically, Clarkson relives an old Top Gear bit where he saws a front-wheel-drive car in half and drives it without the rear wheels. In this case, Clarkson cuts an Alfa Romeo in half to create what he calls a Half-a Romeo. Obviously, such a creation would be difficult and dangerous for a celebrity to drive, so we are pretty sure that this is just a joke. After playing with the car for a bit, the promo does mention that season two will feature "celebrities that don't die," which is definitely a step in the right direction for the show.



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