Is This The Most Expensive Drunken Uber Ride Ever Taken?

Pay attention to surge pricing, kids.

Getting home safe after a night of hard partying is usually a good way to bringin the New Year. Matt Lindsay of Edmonton, Alberta, probably wishes he walked home, though. Lindsay told CBC he was charged $1,114.71 Canadian dollars ($795 USD) from an Uber to get him and his friends home. To be fair, Lindsay was told by his driver after his first stop that a surge rate was kicking in, multiplying his fare by 8.9 times. He accepted the charge but regretted his move by the time he reached home.

Once home, Lindsay soon received an email with his bill. He was obviously shocked. Apparently he had guessed that the price would be lower based on past trips. "With the amount of people in the vehicle and a similar distance, I figured it would be a similar fare," he told CBC. A NewYears Eve guide was sent out 10 days prior to Uber app users detailing the surge pricing. Lindsayconfirmed that Uber offered to reduce his charge by half, however it is unknownwhether or not he accepted it. While we feel for this guy, he was the one who pulled the trigger after being told of the surge rate. Uber's surge pricing is no secret, so it's not like this guy can claim ignorance. We suggest paying the fare and investing in a good dog sled.

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