Hyundai Trademarks 'Leonis' Name, But What Could It Be?

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With a full range of cars and SUVs, it's difficult to find any whitespace in Hyundai's lineup - but what about that truck?

Hyundai has been gobbling up possible names for future products. First it was , the first of which will likely be used for a large SUV to sit above the recently . Now Hyundai has applied to for a trademark on another name - Leonis - and we're thoroughly flummoxed for what product the Korean automaker could use it. According to , which found , it might be the name of a future small crossover to sit below Kona.

As it pointed out, it's not like there's a ton of whitespace on the crossover and SUV side of Hyundai's model range to fit another model. “The Santa Fe, Tucson and Kona have most of the crossover and SUV bases covered – but there may be room for an extra small crossover that would slot in beneath the Kona,” it wrote. However, being that Kona is already a subcompact crossover, it's unlikely Americans would go for anything smaller. Instead, it could be used for a small truck similar to the Santa Cruz Concept shown three years ago at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show.

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Midway through 2017, a Hyundai executive let slip to take on other small pickups and hopefully end the brand's sales woes. Regardless, we'll keep a keen eye on it—whatever it is or ends up being.