How Did Anyone Survive This Ferrari 458 Speciale Crash?


Supercars, speed and alcohol are a lethal mix.

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine anyone surviving a crash when you look at the crumpled remains of a car after an accident. That was certainly the case when looking at photos of the mangled wreckage of what used to be a in an accident reported by . The $700,000 mid-engined Italian exotic is destroyed beyond recognition, and yet everyone somehow survived with only minor injuries. Incredible.

While there are no videos of the incident which happened in Austin, Texas, the explanation for the accident is simple: supercars, speed and alcohol do not mix. No other vehicles were involved, but witnesses said that the 28-year-old male was driving at speeds over 100 mph. After passing a bridge, he failed to make a turn and careered through some woods, before going airborne, flipping over and plummeting down a 40-foot ravine in what sounds like a Hollywood stunt. also reports that all three occupants survived the crash with minor injuries.

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Yes, you read that right: three people were crammed into the Ferrari, a supercar designed for two, which only makes the fact everyone survived more remarkable. The driver was arrested and charged for driving while intoxicated. It’s perhaps a testament to modern car safety that such a severe crash didn’t result in any fatalities. That or sheer damn luck.