Hennessey Has Extreme Off-Road Plans For 2020 Ford Bronco


And the new Ranger as well.

The SUV hasn’t even been unveiled yet and already Hennessey Performance has announced it’s cooking up an upgrade plan. According to the Texas-based tuner’s , it “will be offering a line of high-performance and extreme off-road upgrades for the 2020 Ford Bronco [including] high-flow air induction system, intercooler system, stainless steel exhaust, larger off-road tires and wheels, suspension kit, and so much more...stay tuned!” The details may be rather brief, but it's good knowing a hopefully great SUV will get even better.

Hennessey knows a thing or two about seriously enhanced performance as well as off-roading, evidenced by its Ford F-150 Raptor-based VelociRaptor pickup truck and SUV. Along with the 2020 Bronco announcement, Hennessey will also give the some attention. The list of upgrades is identical to that of the Bronco, which makes sense considering both vehicles share a platform and, more than likely, powertrains. The new Ranger debuted this past January at Detroit, though sales are not expected to get underway until next spring. Chances are the Bronco will also make its debut appearance at the Motor City in 2019.

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Hennessey, who will bring the production ready to Pebble Beach later this summer, has had a long-standing relationship with all three of Detroit’s automakers. It makes sense for John Hennessey and his team to get some advanced notice and details for upcoming vehicles ahead of the general public.




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