Harry Metcalf's Garage Is Looking Even Better Than Before


Evo Magazine founder Harry Metcalf has a pretty amazing car and bike collection, and a YouTube channel to show it off.

If you're happy to call yourself a car guy, there are certain magazines and online platforms that you need to subscribe to if you want to keep your Man Card. One such place is Harry's Garage, dedicated to . What gives it is the fact that Harry Metcalf is the founder of the hugely successful Evo Magazine. Harry's Garage features loads of amazing machines, from special bikes to a 182 Renault Clio Cup, a and a one-off Land Rover Defender.

But Harry's Garage houses many other things too, including a pair of supercars.

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The main point of the channel is to review cars from all walks of life, and there have been quite a few over the last two years. Harry is keen to do new videos every couple of weeks and with the connections Harry has, you're guaranteed to see some pretty amazing cars under the spotlight in his garage. We'll also be keeping an eye on the channel, just in case you miss something.


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