GMC Wants to Expand: So it's Considering a Jeep Wrangler Rival


Why let Jeep continue to dominate this open-top off-roading segment?

There was a time when it looked like GMC was with Pontiac and Hummer. Then GM executives showed the Obama administration the numbers. To the latter’s surprise, GMC was profitable and had more potential to produce even greater profits. Basically, it was explained to the Obama crew that GMC’s were really nothing more than rebadged Chevy trucks and SUVs with more premium features and sold at solid profits. That did the trick and GMC is still with us today.

Buick-GMC President Duncan Aldred now wants to strengthen the brand even further in an effort to boost profits. One of his ideas? A Jeep Wrangler-inspired SUV. "We are looking at everything," Alfred stated to Edmunds. "What segments will grow? What segments will not? We are evaluating all possibilities that could really turbocharge the brand and growth." Another possible new model is a SUV flagship above the GMC Yukon Denali. Then again, isn’t that the Cadillac Escalade? A subcompact crossover about the size of the Buick Encore is also being considered, but the Wrangler fighter looks particularly attractive to GMC product planners.

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For now everything is in the brainstorming phase and nothing is concrete. But the good news is that GMC remains healthy and profitable, and it has no intention of being considered for the chopping block ever again.



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