Ford Is Joining The SEMA Fiesta With Some Sizzling Hot Hatches

SEMA 2015

The answer to “how can life get any better”?

Lately, Ford has been on fire. After posting its best-ever quarterly profits the automaker is celebrating by taking nearly 50 cars to SEMA. Six of these will be hot hatches, including four Focus STs and two Fiesta STs. The Focus models include an orange example with a reworked engine by CJ Pony Parts, a racing-inspired car with engine and body modifications dubbed “Future of Rally,” a souped-up ST with a bike rack for two and a Focus designed with balance in mind by FSWERKS.

The Fiesta STs get plenty of love too, with one getting the Cinemotive Media treatment to turn it into a film support car complete with lighting for night scenes and a carbon fiber body kit. The last of the bunch, a DSPORT tuned Fiesta ST, is one of the most impressive because it boasts 400 horsepower extracted from the 1.6-liter EcoBoost four banger using a reworked turbo. Upgraded suspension and body kit components mean that the “molten lava” colored Ford is . These cars showcase Ford’s craziness and creativity and will ensure that you are still entertained when you step away from the impressive Mustang showcase.

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