Ford Focus RS Heritage Edition Sold Out In 30 Minutes Thanks To Facebook


All 50 examples are gone. Just. Like. That.

The lifespan of the Ford Focus RS was intended to be short from the get-go. Production already came to an end on April 6 at the Saarlouis production plant in Germany. There was no major event to mark the bittersweet occasion, all the more so now that it’s been confirmed the next generation Focus, save for the Focus Active, won’t come to the US. However, Ford UK figured it would be appropriate to mark the Focus RS’s end with a special edition, the .

Ford UK boss Andy Barratt confirmed to that all 50 of those cars sold out in only 30 minutes thanks to a single Facebook post. We don’t know when exactly the Facebook post went up, but what’s clear is that it did its job well. The intention was to notify Ford UK’s Facebook followers immediately and cheaply. From there, it was a first come, first served type of thing. Because it was UK-only to begin with, all 50 Ford RS Heritage Editions are right-hand drive. They’re also all painted in Deep Orange. Power, of course, comes from the same 2.3-liter turbo four that’s fitted with the FPM375 Mountune upgrade as standard. Total output increases to 370 hp, up from 345 hp.

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Other add-ons include black forged alloy wheels and grey-finish brake calipers, contrasting black door mirrors and a rear spoiler. The interior boasts partial leather Recaro seats, carbon fiber trim, privacy glass, and a sunroof. Owners will also appreciate having rear parking sensors, power-fold mirrors, cruise control with a speed limiter, and a heated steering wheel as standard fare. As far as we know, there won't be a so-called "Final Edition" RS for the US. Instead, last year Ford Performance offered a featuring some interior and exterior styling upgrades, and a new mechanical limited-slip differential.


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