Floyd Mayweather Buys Rolls-Royce Wraith For His 14-Year-Old Daughter


MTV might have to bring back My Super Sweet 16 again in a couple of years.

It has been reported that Floyd Mayweather has a favorite car dealership: Fusion Luxury Motors of Chatsworth, California. That makes sense, for the highest paid athlete in the world, and it is reportedly where he bought both his Ferrari Enzo as well as his McLaren 650S. And now the dealership has just delivered the boxer another new car, a white Rolls-Royce Wraith, which is a gift for his 14-year-old daughter, despite her being too young to drive.

Because she is only 14, her mother will actually be the one driving it for the time being, to drop her off at school and take her to the mall. We assume that she will then take over the driving herself once she's legally permitted to. Unless she gets bored of the car by then, in which case we're sure something else can be acquired. One interesting detail about this story was that the dealership reports having taken the call for the order of the $358,888 car at two in the morning. Seems it must have been an impulse buy, good thing for the dealership that they took the call.

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