First Tesla Model 3 Customers Bless Us With Detailed Walkthrough


Now that Tesla and Space X employee orders have been filled, it’s time for regular people to get their cars.

Unless you live in the more populated California cities, chances are slim you’ve seen a Tesla Model 3 roaming the streets. Even though Elon Musk personally to customers at the car’s unveiling, these went to Tesla and Space X employees who had put in reservations. And now that employees are happy, it’s time for the trickle of Model 3s to make it to the mainstream customers. Aside from a special advanced delivery for a customer with terminal cancer, this couple claims to have gotten the first non-employee Model 3.

As luck would have it, they recorded the entire pickup experience, giving us a glimpse into what it feels like to get their hands on a car that’s supposed to change the world as well as letting us see some parts of the car not yet revealed to the majority of the world.

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For example, we already know what the interior will look like but had yet to see how the panoramic roof makes it feel so spacious. Also new is the Bluetooth-enabled key system that uses an owner's phone, allowing for effective pocket consolidation. Basically the Model 3 is a lot like a new iPhone. It does everything an older car can do but in a way that’s slightly more refined and covered with just enough sheen of newness to get the masses riled up. For Tesla, the finished product seems to be a huge win simply because the Model 3 takes what’s best about the Model S and makes it more affordable. It’s almost comedic that other automakers haven’t yet made cars that can compete with the Model 3 in terms of price, range, and style.