Does A Creamsicle Paint Job Ruin The Look Of The Koenigsegg Regera?


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers called. They want their supercar back.

Very few companies can capture the attention of the automotive world simply by releasing employee-sourced configurations of upcoming models. Koenigsegg has been doing this for a month or so and its workers have created. Most recently the company’s electrification engineer showed us . Now it’s the Swedish firm's head of design’s turn. Joachim decided to give his Regera a creamsicle look.

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To be specific the paint is Sweet Mandarine and the white stripe is actually "Arctic White" and is offered as part of the new Polar striping package. The brake calipers are black and sit behind hollow-core carbon wheels. All but one of the employee-spec’d Regeras have featured this wheel design. Art director Lisa . The interior features black leather seating with “Snow” inserts and what has been dubbed “Drift” stitching in black. Like prototype manager Mattias Vox’s build, . We prefer the black anodized look ever so slightly but both options make for a beautiful cabin.

No one knows how long Koenigsegg will keep releasing these in-house Regera renderings. The supercar looks so good that we hope they never quit. The big thing we want to know is ?