Do You Prefer Your C8 Corvette In Red Or Blue?


Honestly, it looks good in both colors.

Last week saw an testing at the Nurburgring. There was even a that made us wonder whether or not the were powered by a small block V8. And because these prototypes were wearing relatively light camouflage, chances are a reveal is just around the corner. When will that happen?

Our best guess is this January at Detroit, the last time the North American Auto Show will be held in the dead of winter before its switch to sunny June in 2020. Chevrolet has remained totally silent regarding C8 details and relatively few leaks have managed to sneak out.

But we do know some details, such as it’ll initially come powered by an updated version of the current LT1 V8, though a twin-turbo V8 version is rumored. Eventually, a new naturally aspirated 5.5-liter V8 will arrive and, more than likely, a hybrid Corvette. But let’s take things one detail at a time. First off, we just want to see the C8 Corvette have its big debut. ? Well, that’s pretty easy to answer.

Strip off the camo wrap from last week’s test cars and give them a fresh coat of blue or red paint. Most other details, such as general, are quite clear. Thanks to Allcarnews via , we can share with you a pair of C8 renderings directly inspired by last week’s spy shots. Given everything, they’re probably the clearest things yet to the final production model.

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Don’t like what you see? Uh, well… what can we say? We didn’t design the car. For those who like the idea of the Corvette finally going mid-engined, then we can only foresee amazing things to come. Not only will the Corvette become a better sports car, especially in the handling department, it’ll be more formidable in the fight against exotic rivals such as the Porsche 911 and McLaren 570S, as just two examples. Let us know what you think of these rendered images because, as we said, they’re likely very darn close to the real deal.