Could A BMW Pickup Fight The Mercedes X-Class?


The idea isn't as far-fetched as the convertible X2 the artist has also rendered.

Will BMW ever produce a pickup truck? That’s a question even BMW itself can’t seem to answer. The automaker has flatly denied the idea in the past, despite teasing us with an M3 pickup truck April Fools prank. But then Mercedes made a surprise venture into the segment with the . It’s no secret that BMW isn’t a fan of Mercedes’ effort, but it prompted the manufacturer to admit that it has been monitoring the growth of the market and is considering producing a BMW pickup in the future if there is enough demand.

It’s still unlikely to happen though, which prompted rendering artist to show us what a potential Mercedes X-Class fighter could look like from BMW. has based the design on the recently that's a sportier counterpart to the X1. The X2’s design looks surprisingly sharp with a truck bed instead of a traditional trunk, while still retaining BMW’s design cues. That said, the larger X5 seems like a more likely candidate to be made into a pickup to take on the mighty X-Class. didn’t stop there, though. The artist also took the time to design a more affordable entry-level model X2 without all of fancy parts of the current model that bumps up the cost.

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Gone is the painted front fender, 19-inch wheels, and stylized side fenders. Instead, buyers would be able to buy the base model for a cheaper price and customize it accordingly. Last but not least, has envisioned what a BMW X2 cabrio could look like to rival the Range Rover Evoque. We doubt it could match the Range Rover’s luxury, but it’s an intriguing idea nonetheless even if it’s very far-fetched. Having said that, there is a demand for convertible luxury SUV convertibles in the US. The Range Rover Evoque coupe, for example, was , yet its convertible counterpart still lives on.


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