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Conor McGregor's Rolls-Royce Ghost Is As In Your Face As He Is


Living large in the hexagon and the streets.

UFC fighter and current two-division belt holder, Conor McGregor is a cocky as they come, and it's garnered him millions of loyal fight fans. Well that and the ability to kick ass and take names like no other. The man is loud and obnoxious, and not just in front of the cameras. With his earnings among the highest in contact sports, he's started adding more cars to his garage, one of them being a Roll-Royce Ghost. Of course for a personality as large as Conor, the big British car is a perfect fit.

When he enters the hexagon he's known as The Notorious, a nickname he quite likes evidenced by his Twitter handle. That black Rolls-Royce Ghost cruising down the road could have anyone in it, and so Conor's has been tailored so that you know exactly who's behind that dark glass. Changes to his Ghost are said to have cost in the region of $100,000, that's over and above the $250,000 purchase price. What constitutes that upgrade price tag is anyone's guess, but with the price of options for these cars, we're not that surprised. The only change we can see for ourselves is the smooth matte black finish and his likeness accompanied by the word Notorious.

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The Rolls-Royce was the perfect car for his entrance into New York last week where he fought Eddie Alvarez in a UFC title fight. With the UFC ban just being lifted for the city it was also a great way to signal the return of the fighting league. Before he went inside, he stood next to the car for a pic that he posted to his Twitter page, and while we know the man likes to pose and show off, we can't help but think that it could have been a little bit of a dig at soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo after he was ripped off for the weird pose next to a Lamborghini that he shared online. We'll be keeping an eye on McGregor's car collection, more awesome stuff is sure to be added. Pic credit: Andrew Link Photography.



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