Chris Harris Escapes Alpine A110 Fire During Top Gear Monaco Shoot

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Fellow presenter and passenger Eddie Jordan also managed to bail.

It’s not always fun and games when you’re a Top Gear presenter. Just ask Chris Harris. According to the and , Harris and fellow presenter Eddie Jordan managed to escape from an as it caught on fire during a production shoot in Monaco last Monday. Both were uninjured. Harris was driving the new sports car on Monte Carlo’s SS17 stage when he noticed the “engine management light” flick on.

It did not take long for him to figure out the problem, telling “I first realized I needed to get out when I opened the door and the flames went up my arm.” Although Harris and Jordan are just fine, the they were driving was not.

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It’s a complete loss, and this, understandably, makes Harris hurt. “Sadly the car was lost and it always make me sad to see a beautiful car destroyed.” Jordan was equally pained by the car’s destruction. “Doing a stage of the Monte Carlo Rally was a dream come true for me. The car was stunning – so light on its toes. It was dancing around the mountain and Chris was driving it beautifully,” he said. “It’s such a shame we didn’t finish the test, but these things happen.” Top Gear also confirmed the incident, that both presenters are okay, and that Alpine is now investigating. Alpine’s spokesperson also acknowledged the fire, calling it a “technical incident.”

Until a reason for the fire is found and corrected, Alpine has “frozen all driving activities for pre-production cars.” Most importantly, however, is that both Harris and Jordan are safe and uninjured. Hopefully at least part of this segment will be shown to audiences at some point during the Top Gear season.


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