Chevrolet Will Kill Its Manly V8 Sedan Much Sooner Than You Thought


Seriously, the clock is already ticking.

What you’re seeing before you right now will be extinct after 2017. The Chevrolet SS, that big, RWD, V8-powered sedan imported from Australia already has a tombstone. According to various sources, including Australia’s CarsGuide and GM Authority, the Chevy SS will be a goner after the ’17 model year. That’s because Holden is effectively ending production of its own VF Commodore, of which the SS is a re-badged version. No successor for either car is planned.

The lightly refreshed 2016 SS you’re looking at right now is, more than likely, the last relevant update of the car before it goes to the grave. A revised front fascia with vertical ducts to direct airflow over the front wheel opening for improved aerodynamics, new LED signature lighting, and functional hood vents are the most noticeable exterior updates. Newly designed 19-inch aluminum wheels are also included. Its 6.2-liter V8 remains unchanged with its 415 hp and 415 lb-ft of torque, as does the six-speed manual or paddle-shift six-speed slushbox options. A dual-mode exhaust system rounds out the ’16 updates. So take a good look because the V8 Chevy muscle sedan is nearly dead.

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