Cadillac Planning an Even More Luxurious Flagship Above CT6

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Holy crap, when did this happen?!

There’s been a whole lot of hype surrounding Cadillac’s upcoming flagship sedan, the CT6. Due to arrive in late 2015, the CT6 will reportedly be a state-of-the-art sedan that’ll go head to head with some heavy-hitting German rivals. But guess what? Cadillac’s new boss, Johan de Nysschen, has just confirmed that an even more luxurious sedan is in the works – above the CT6. Set to be called either the CT8 or CT9, Cadillac has "just signed off on" a new range-topping luxury sedan that’ll arrive to market at the end of the decade.

It’ll compete directly with the long-wheel-base version of the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S-Class. No other details were given, but de Nysschen also said that an ELR replacement is also planned, although it may not end up being a coupe like the current car. Also in the pipeline are potentially two more crossovers, one positioned below the SRX and one above. Even a sedan smaller than the ATS and based on the same platform as the redesigned Chevy Cruze is a likely possibility. The bottom line is that Cadillac is planning several new cars, and de Nysschen summed things up pretty well: "Probably 90 percent of the Cadillacs sold in 2020 are cars that are (still) on the drawing board."

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